Our Canteen

Our Canteen

Every school must have a canteen!!!

On a busy day when parents don’t get time to pack lunchboxes or snack boxes, our canteen is a life saver.

Our McDoodle Canteen is very big and can accommodate many students at a time.We have a coupon system, where the students who would like to have food from the canteen, would require buying coupons.

During Break or Lunch hour, the students who bought the coupons assemble in the canteen. They are met by our McDoodle Chefs who serve them a delicious array of brain healthy foods. (According to the menu of the Day) MENU

Our McDoodle kids are encouraged to eat and are told to get seconds if they do wish. Milk and water both are served. All foods served are halaal friendly.Our McDoodle chefs and in house inspector take care and monitor the quality of the food and the neatness of the food, canteen and school kitchen.

Even on special occasions such as birthdays, the McDoodle canteen provides foods for the students and staff participating in the occasion. It is really great to have a canteen in the premises of the school and to get good, healthy and tasty food, when we want.

Every child should have the opportunity to adjust very gently to the new environment. This could sometimes take up to several weeks.

Doodle Academy Coaches exude contagious intellectual energy, demonstrate authentic interest in the life of the mind that extends beyond their core subject areas, and model genuine respect for students and one another.

Through their actions and interactions, our Coaches cultivate students’ spirit of wanting to know in every setting—the classroom, the library, the Hallway, the Dining Hall, the playground or the Sports Field.