Doodle Academy Franchise

Doodle Academy® Franchise Requirements:

* Land Space: Minimum 100m x 50m
* Constructed Area: 30m X 30m Carpet Area

* Play Ground: 25m2

* Investment Range: US$20,000

What support our franchise will get?

We know that your ability to run a successful Doodle Academy franchise is directly dependent on our ability to provide the support you need. We have created a Franchise support System that will assist you with every conceivable issue that may arise in setting-up or running a Doodle Academy branch.

Interior / Exterior Design Support

High quality preschool Furniture & preschool classroom design play a pivotal role in children acquisition of knowledge. Well-designed preschool classroom furniture promotes children’s growth.

* Site selection, thematic painting design & setup guidance

* Modification in elevation /color scheme

* Complete guidance on furniture / fixtures

Advertisement & Marketing Support

Today’s parents want to know about a program before they step into it. Parents like to hear other families who adore it so “word of mouth” is and always will be a huge source of new admissions.

* Marketing and advertising guidance

* Local advertisements planning, Conceptualization and implementation technique

* Website and social media promotions guidance

Curriculum & Training Support
Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. A well-planned preschool curriculum is the most important part for the success of a new preschool.

* Recruitment & interview support

* On site teacher & management orientation program

* Curriculum content, implementation, events & celebrations planning and managements

Research & Development Support

Knowledge generated by research is the basis of sustainable development that requires to be placed at the service end and be shared to ensure wide widespread benefits

* Latest industry updates

* Competitive strategy development

* Improving day-to-day working with automation and IT tool