Doodle Food


Brains work better on a healthy nibbling diet.

It is recognised through research that children regularly need food and water for a high level brain function. Nibblers were shown to have better cognitive functioning, fewer discipline problems, lower cortisol levels, better glucose tolerance and better maintained insulin levels.For a young developing brain, the most important meal of the day is ‘breakfast’. Research shows that a significant number of children miss breakfast or eat foods before school that are not ideal for optimum brain function.

For some others, particularly during periods of growth, the wait until break time can also cause a decrease in energy and brain function. The brain also needs a regular supply of water as it is made up of approximately 80% water. Throughout learning, it is vital to keep the brain at an optimum working condition.As Doodle Academy, we recognize the need to ensure that our children receive the best in terms of education and health.

We have a canteen that helps provide the essential health needs that the children need to help them develop higher levels of brain function by customising a menu that encourages the children to eat healthy.Break time is not a Play break. It is a time when students are encouraged to eat brain-healthy foods that help and maintain the glucose supply to the brain.

Appropriate Brain foods are generally unprocessed and ensure a slow release of glucose rather than a quick fix provided by high sugar/fat filled foods which do not sustain the consistent glucose input the brain requires.The students are allowed access to water bottles on desks to enable them to have regular sips of water throughout the day which will help keep the brain hydrated.

We live the Bon Appetite phrase…. At Doodle Academy.

Every child should have the opportunity to adjust very gently to the new environment. This could sometimes take up to several weeks.

Doodle Academy Coaches exude contagious intellectual energy, demonstrate authentic interest in the life of the mind that extends beyond their core subject areas, and model genuine respect for students and one another.

Through their actions and interactions, our Coaches cultivate students’ spirit of wanting to know in every setting—the classroom, the library, the Hallway, the Dining Hall, the playground or the Sports Field.